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Mobile Car Detailers Gold Coast

Elite Valet & Detail are the Premier Mobile Car Detailers on the Gold Coast, We believe our extensive experience in Detailing, Products we use, Service we provide the Finish we leave and our realistic prices lift us above the rest.†

At Elite Valet & Detail we understand that life is busy, finding the time to detail your car can be difficult to do, sometimes even finding the time to drop it off at a detailing shop can be impossible! Between work, home, family and school there is never enough time in the day! Our mobile service is fully equipped with water, power, Expertise and quality products, from our Executive wash to our full detail we can meticulously clean, polish and restore any cars appearance to new or better, at home or work we can and will protect your investment.

Rather than taking your pride and joy to the local car wash that employ workers who have no experience in car detailing, we suggest getting a mobile car detailer that takes pride in his work and reputation, So many of my own customers tell me about bad experiences they have had at these places and realise that spending a little bit extra for quality work by someone who cares about their car is well worth

When you bought your car did you pick the first one you seen? Or did you take your time and spend your hard earned cash wisely? We believe you should do the same when you choose a detailer; itís your hard earned cash you are spending! Get a proper detailer, not a car washer, your car is worth it!.

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Elite Valet & Detail cover's the entire Gold Coast from north Brisbane to Tweed Head.

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